During the year we meet, present, negotiate, share, laugh, learn and listen to people about projects that really care. Normally we would fly, drive or take public transport to meet these amazing people, mingle with them, eat and dine with them, network with them.
But things have changed, the world has changed and walking into a networking event, shaking hands, mingling with other people, listening to great minds and thought leaders, has changed overnight due to Covid19. Our ambition is to take that energy we are so good at in creating offline, and take that to a new level, online. 


Have we stopped believing in physical events?  No! But the world post Covid19 has changed.

Innovation Bridge will connect with events in Europe, USA, Oceania, Asia and Africa, such as SXSW, TNW Conference, TOA Berlin, Slush, Cannes, Websummit, London Tech Week and many more.