about us

We are founders of country led missions from Austria, Canada, Germany, UK, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and USA in the innovative, tech, creative, music and film industry, we have taken the current challenge in the world which what was to be addressed during SXSW’20 and have taken the ambition upon us to make it a little better. Should we have started doing this earlier? Perhaps. But when your core mission is to amplify the message of the people you work for, online is not always a means to an end, meeting in real life normally is. 

Our mission

Our mission is to build sustainable relationships between people, using a digital platform focused on curated engagements. Basically we take luck out the equation. 

Digital Platform

Innovation Bridge uses a digital platform to curate participants and organizations to better understand their strategic needs in growing internationally.


We use those insights to create a continuous dialogue, enhancing the experience of the mission and thus creating a profile which is used within our platform.

Local Hubs

Our local hubs in different regions in the world will support these events, delegates and organizations, using their network of super connectors and sector specialists. This will drive matchmaking, create new and relevant partnerships and will foster collaboration, creating new possibilities.

Proven Track-Record

Our proven track-record in creating value during offline events has created numerous successful engagements, business spin-off and global reach. Our aim is to keep giving you a taste of that experience, while we adapt to the challenges of physical distancing using digital and online collaboration.