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Ideas can be born from the most unexpected networks

A year round collaboration with global citizens

Innovation Bridge Europe is a curated collaboration platform

How? We curate your mission. The event organizer, the corporate, the individual, the mission leader, we engage with everyone involved. The net-result is a successful event, meet-up or match. We establish an enriched effective connection. Curated, we are the only ones doing it, that’s what we stand for!

A Curated Collaboration Platform

Our goal is to build sustainable relationships between people, using a digital platform focused on curated engagements. We make use of existing local HUB’s, super connectors and sector specialists in the world. We are all founders of country led missions in the innovative, (Gov)tech, creative, sustainable, sport, music and film industry.

We use a digital platform to curate participants and organizations to better understand their strategic needs in growing internationallyWe use those insights to create a continuous dialogue, enhancing the experience of the mission and thus creating a profile which is used within our platform. 

Our local hubs in different regions in the world will support these events, delegates and organizations, using their network of super connectors and sector specialists. This will drive matchmaking, create new and relevant partnerships and will foster collaboration, creating new possibilities. 

Our proven track-record in creating value during offline events has created numerous successful engagements, business spin-off and global reach. Our aim is to keep giving you a taste of that experience, while we adapt to the challenges of physical distancing using digital and online collaboration.

Business Relationships

We will facilitate closer business relationships 

Trade and Investment

We will foster trade and investment

Potential Partnerships

We will raise awareness of potential partnerships


We will increase awareness of opportunities between parties involved

Digital Tools

We will use a set of pre-defined digital tools

Insights & Analytics

We will share insights and analytics and will use adaptive templates


We will support you by a dedicated global community of practitioners

Get engaged and join others!


From online to offline meetings, festivals and (trade)missions. The new reality in this changing world. See the events, missions and more where you can start your engagement now. Share your objectives and start your journey here!

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Why should you share and connect before attending any event or mission? We believe by sharing your objectives, your journey becomes richer and the results of your investment becomes more visible using data driven modelling and methodology



Through content driven insights we will help you build and prepare your mission and visit


A dedicated team of community leaders will support you in creating your journey, both on- and offline


Through curated networking we will connect you with like-minded people and relevant organizations


Our digital templates and services will support your role as organizer of international visits


Thought leaders in conferences and festivals, creators of talks & deep-dives and start-ups pitches will enrich your visit abroad, on- and offline

Regional partners


Connecting hub’s around the world, allowing their member network to engage with other hub’s, is creating new connection focussed on collaboration and doing business together. Using technology in the process. That is what Innovation Bridge stands for,  please meet our regional partners throughout the world